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Emergency Tips!
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Does ALL BRIGHT CLEANING SERVICES guarantee its work?
Customer satisfaction is guaranteed 100%, We will provide reservice at no additional cost to the insured for up to one year. This provision excludes reservice associated with normal resoiling and "wear and tear."
Can you get a spot out of my furniture or carpet?
In most cases, ALL BRIGHT CLEANING SERVICES has great success in removing spots. However, it is impossible to guarantee spot removal in all cases, because there are many factors involved.

The type of stain, the color of the material, and many other factors all determine whether or not ALL BRIGHT CLEANING SERVICES can successfully remove a stain from your carpet or furniture. One of our trained technicians can test the spot, and provide an estimate for cleaning if possible.
Can you remove pet stains and odors?
Pet stains and odors can often be very difficult to remove. Many factors affect the the successful removal of pet stains and odors, such as the type of material affected and the length of time the problem has existed. The first step to removing pet stains and odors is to have one of our technicians assess the situation for you.
Do you charge extra for moving heavy furniture?
Yes, we extra charge when moving heavy furniture. In case you need this service, please ask for an estimate. We will gladly visit you. .
Why is important to include Furniture Cleaning in the cleaning plan of my home or office?
Nowhere do you make more direct physical contact in your home than with your upholstered furnishings. Dust mites, pollution from outside air source and allergens (from pets such as cats and dogs) deposited on these surfaces can result in ill health effects for you and your family: especially those family members with allergies.

These biogenic agents get on your skin and are easily inhaled. Biogenic agents are found in all homes and businesses. No matter how clean the buildings and contents appear to be, these agents can be negatively affecting your health.

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